My name is Marina Shkolnik

     I am a self-taught fiber artist.

    The most attractive in felting for me is absence of any restrictions, models and standards - just follow your imagination and enjoy process!

    My favorite technique is nuno felting because it offers such potential in producing a variety and richness of texture.

    I make all of my items with use of the best materials only, such as extra fine Australian merino wool (maximum is 18,5 mic. - a low count of micron is more suited to items worn next to the skin since it doesn't 'prickle'), cashmere, silk, tencel, bamboo and many-many others from all over the world.

    Where do I get my inspiration? I have tried many times to answer to this question ... the inspiration comes by itself, I take wool in my hands, I touch it, breathe in its smell, look over different colors and an image of the future product appears before my eyes.